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Introduction of Renoxbell

Renoxbell was established in 1997, starting as the distributor of MITSUBISH brand Aluminum composite panels and then from 2003, Renoxbell founded its own factory in Guangzhou to produce Aluminum composite panels and Aluminum honeycomb panels, in 2009 Renoxbell set up a new factory to produce solid Aluminum panels to meet market trend. By now, RENOXBELL has become the leading manufacturer of Aluminum panels, Aluminum composite panels, Aluminum honeycomb panels and hardware for curtain wall systems in China, the annual turnover is more than 20 Million US Dollars.

As ISO9001:2008 certified company RENOXBELL is specializing in design, research and development, manufacturing and selling of the Aluminum paneling materials for curtain walls. With the famous brand RENOXBELL and advanced fabrication facilities as well as professional team, RENOXBELL is on the way to fast growing and expanding.

RENOXBELL factories are equipped with famous brand CNC facilities like ASIA, SPS, MILLER, SOYER, RANSBURG, Eclipse, KONICA MINOLTA, etc. The fabrication lines, coating lines and baking stove are designed and specified according to ASTM regulations to make sure of meeting international standard quality.

PRODUCE FIRST-CLASS QUALITY BY TECHNOLOGY is RENOXBELL’s pursuit of quality and business principle. Whenever the past, now and the future, RENOXBELL always sticks to building its brand by employing excellent personnel, producing quality products and providing considerate services. Under the concept of focus on quality, R&D and services, RENOXBELL is growing fast and steadily on the domestic market and international market, we’re on the way of becoming a leading and first-class manufacturer of paneling systems for curtain walls on the world.

History of Renoxbell
  • 1997, Renoxbell’s owner Mr. Li started his business as a distributor of MITSUBISHI Aluminum composite panels.
  • 1999, Renoxbell brand was launched on the market and the company started selling Renoxbell branded Aluminum composite panels in the way of OEM production.
  • 2003, Renoxbell established its own factory in Panyu District of Guangzhou, producing Aluminum composite panels and Aluminum honeycomb panels.
  • 2009, Renoxbell set up a new factory in Dawang Hi-Tech zone of Zhaoqing City which is about one hour driving from Guangzhou. The new factory is mainly producing solid Aluminum panels.
  • 2013, Renoxbell set up another new factory in Shan xi Province which is the owner Mr. Li’s hometown, this new factory is mainly producing Aluminum panels and Aluminum honeycomb panels for supply of Northern China market.
Product range of Renoxbell
  • Aluminum cladding panels and perforated Aluminum decoration panels with PVDF coating, Polyester coating or powder coating, available for all single colors, marble colors, granite colors, wood colors and custom carved patterns.
  • Aluminum honeycomb panels with PVDF coating and Polyester coating, available for all single colors, marble colors, granite colors, wood colors and decorative patterns
  • Aluminum composite panels.
  • Aluminum panels: Common shapes, hyperbolic curved shapes, 3D designs, perforated hollow patterns
  • Aluminum honeycomb panels: common colors, decorative patterns, wood textures, stone/marble/granite textures
  • Aluminum composite panels: common colors, wood textures, stone/marble/granite textures
  • Fireproof and not fireproof

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Headquarter: RM1408, jingdianju Building, No.288 Guangzhou Ave. South, Haizhu District, Guangond Province, Guangzhou City, China

Tel:+86-20-61275739, +86-758-3602859

Fax: +86-758-3602856

No.1 Chuangye Road, Wende 3rd Street, Yingbin Dadao, Dawang Hi-Tech Zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China

E-mail: renox1@renoxbell.com


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